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My investments

Jag letar efter energifulla och reflekterande företagare som vågar utmana sig själva och sin omgivning. 

Motsatsen, brist på självkännedom, är en djup fallgrop för företag.

I invested in Phyron AB because:

The car industry is moving towards e-commerce. The internal structures in most car companies are still focused on analogue sales. Customers compare the industry with pure e-commerce companies.

This is what Phyron does: with AI, they convert a still image of a car into a movie. In the film, amounts of relevant data for that particular car are added. Making sales videos from an image solves a huge problem for companies and customers.

I invested in evoluteIQ because:

Companies in mature industries invest enormous amounts to become more efficient. It is a must in order to maintain a share of the profitability found in the industry. 

This is what evoluteIQ does: their hyper-automation platform can streamline an entire company’s administrative processes all without involving developers.

I invested in ByWit (Just Kling IT) because:

The company founders know their industry. Internally in companies, there is often friction when marketing is to be ordered. Those who create the material need data that the client often does not understand. 

In addition to this, often expensive resources are not interested in simple orders, they prefer not to do them at all.

This is what Just Kling IT does: their system optimizes the marketing order flow and the user can choose to outsource orders to consultants in other countries which makes it cheaper.

This is what ByWit does: I re-invested this holding to become an investor of ByWit who is an operational VC firm that will be listed in the coming years. Several of their holding are growing in an explosive pace.

I invested in MyFlow because:

The entrepreneurs understand their industry and technology development.

Competence is a fresh commodity and more people talk about Human Potential instead of Human Resources. This means that every person who wants to be attractive in the work market needs to eternally keep on learning.

This is what MyFlow does: their system gives both companies the opportunity to customize learning and streamlines dead time and administration for experts and coaches (educators).


I invested in Centiglobe because:

Fintech often talks about banks being obsolete and no longer needed. I think that shows a poor understanding of how important the banks are to our society. Centiglobe wants to help banks with something they cannot do themselves. Cooperation is better and then there is a greater probability that they will have time to build up their company.

This is what Centiglobe does: their Stable Coin gives states and global corporations the ability to move money to different geographies in seconds instead of today’s weeks.

I invested in Thalamus because:

The major players in pharmaceutical research and improved treatment methods conduct huge recruitment campaigns twice a year. When handling thousands of candidates with their manual processes, documents get lost and large amounts of non-value-adding time are wasted.

This is what Thalamus does: their planning and recruitment system digitizes an ineffective manual process for research and healthcare.

I invested in OrganAI because:

Those who have seen Microsoft’s scheduling assistant know how easy it is to find a time for a meeting internally within the company. The same person also knows how awkward it is to find time with people who work in different companies. Then meeting time ping-pong arises, which is an administratively frustrating process that everyone has to follow.

As I average 20 meetings per week, I know exactly how frustrating it is.

This is what OrganAi does: their service shows real gaps in meeting participants, regardless of the company they work in. It allows people to book meetings at the touch of a button instead of meeting ping-pong.

I invested in Megadeals because:

The Founder is a known serial entrepreneur with a rare sales ability. He was my first mentor and have guided me in my life. I have followed this company for several years, and when the opportunity arouse to invest I decided within seconds.

This is what MegaDeals does: Marketing as a Service with focus on the tech that most marketeers are novice in. Sales Organisations will love to be supported by Megadeals.

I invested in Holmgren Group because:

The automotive industry is going through a complete business model transformation. Few companies will survive the coming years. Those who do will have a large pie with fewer colleagues to share it with. 

This is what Holmgren Group does:  buys, sells and maintain new (BMW, Hyundai, Ford, Mini and Nissan)  and pre-owned cars and caravans. The company is also a substantial owner in Nivika a publicly listed Real Estate Company.

Investment process

First encounter

  1. Analyze the information from “Seek investment from Hery”
  2. We Send a video message with initial point of view and feedback

Personality check

Book a video-meeting via OrganAise to have a feel of:

  1. Founder + Investor Compatability
  2. Company and Competence Fit

Deliver on what you say

We iterate and communicate regularly. I want to see that you execute your plans on time.

Fastest investment decision took 2 minutes. That Founder had already proven execution abilities to us.

Offer and Due Diligence

All good. Then let’s make sure things are nice and tidy and lets get on the same side of the cap table.

Impact Investments i Madagaskar

Starta senast 2030-12-31

Jag utgår ifrån var min insats kan skapa störst effekt. 

Därför vill jag över tid bygga samarbeten för att lyfta befolkningen i Madagaskar. En individ i taget. 

Släck för nu

Ta ett kort samtal med mig där vi går igenom en modell som hjälpt mig och många av mina kunder att spara tid för att öka sannolikheten att vinna

Släck för nu

Ta ett kort samtal med mig där vi går igenom en modell som hjälpt mig och många av mina kunder att spara tid för att öka sannolikheten att vinna

Thibaud Hartwig

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