5 accomplishments in a year after being “let go”​!

A year ago on the 8th of November 2021 I signed the papers. Had an irreparable fallout with my boss and my job was terminated. The circumstances around it were not pleasant. They usually aren’t.

I know, as I have myself terminated people before.

I previously explained it to myself that letting someone go is for the betterment of the company. Be cold in the decision and warm in the delivery of the decision.

The days before my termination, I was confused. Why me? Why now? Being on the other side of it, I realize it has been a beautiful GIFT.

The words of Ray Dalio kept echoing in my head. When you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go – UP!

I am different from many people in the way that I reflect a lot. I have weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually routines where I sit down and think. These moments allow for a deep level of clarity that is challenging to reach otherwise.

So on the day of my first year outside of the “safety zone” of having a great, well paid job – I reflected upon what is possible to accomplish (for me)? I have reduced it to a list of five things.

(1) I am un-employeable

I applied for more than 70 jobs – and I got two interviews, from people in my own network. My friends who are recruiters told me why it was so difficult to place me in a process. I am too young for my experience level, and I am too experienced for my age.

In hindsight I am very glad that I did not get any of the jobs I applied for, it enabled me to work towards my long-term goals.

(2) GREAT individuals want to join my journey

When I decided to be an entrepreneur 100% – and created concepts that are focused on Human Potential, Future of Work, Organizational Effectfulness and Angel Investments – people wanted to be a part of that journey. Friends of mine, and their friends who are extremely talented in their fields are attracted by my way of being and the vision that I am following. So I am today involved in 15 companies in different capacity and I am often asked how I can help Founders, Angel Investors and Venture Firms.

(3) Identity is more than a job

To not have a known title and company brand right next to my name felt weird at first. Also, I did not want to be associated with my previous employer as I have understood the toxicity of their company culture. Therefore, I was pretty much “new” with “no experience” when I started my adventure.

It is important for me to be congruent and true to myself, so I decided to reach out and apologize to more than 60 people who had been terminated during my tenure at the previous company. I had not been there for them as a human, I had been hiding behind my role and title.

I am grateful for these talks and repaired relationships. They solidified my conception of who I am and who I want to be. With that conviction I kept on moving forward.

(4) Leverage – Maximize the output of my invested time

I decided early on to only seek opportunities and deals where my time gets multiplied. This means that I have only accepted engagements where I LEARN plenty, come close to GREAT people and get STOCKS in the company.

This has not put a stress on the everyday finances as my fiancée and I had savings we could use to cover the economically tougher months. The truly fun part is that, on top of the learning, networking and portfolio-building, I am also getting well paid now.

(5) Dedicated father, future husband and energetic entrepreneur

I hear a lot of people commenting and discussing whether there is something called work-life balance. I am convinced that that conversation is unnecessary.

The real question is: are you creating beautiful memories with a powerful energy? Or are you depleted of energy and bored.

I know that I get super energized from seeing my kids grow and develop their skills or from seeing my fiancée travel the world improving business.Spending time with great people and solving real problems also gives me tons of energy.

Being ‘let go’ made me genuinely congruent and honest about who I am and what I can accomplish. It resulted in me having to search for an environment that allowed that growth. Today, I am involved in several growth environments and I am learning at a pace that I had not foreseen was possible.

The 12 months to get to this point and the time before it all started, have been full of ups and downs. During this period, I have had important and lovely conversations with many people. Many of those has been on the “down-low”, in the sense of lets not talk about this in the open. That is why I have decided to create a content-series on this sensitive topic.More people like me, can and are great added value in many places. It does not have to be where you are right now.

Each Wednesday I will share short entries about the journey of going from untouchable, then terminated, to end up following my own direction completely.

Looking forward to sharing my (and people who will speak through me) experience with you.


Thibaud Hartwig